Setting up a My Harderwyk Account

You can setup your own account for My Harderwyk.  
It’s very easy and fast.  
First, go to your Portal login screen and click "Need an Account?"

Step 1 - Enter email address

  1. Enter the email address of the new account to create.

  2. After clicking Next Step, My Harderwyk will check to see if the email exists in the database and is linked to 1 person only within Harderwyk database records.

  3. If there is a match, then an email will be sent to you containing a Security Code.

  4. You will see this prompt:  “Enter the security code that was emailed to ”

  5. You will be sent a random 8 character code.   For security reasons, you MUST have access to the email account that was entered.  This is an important security measure and standard practice for verifying identity.

  6. If the email address is already in use AND linked to a My Harderwyk user account, then you will be prompted to reset their password.

  7. If the email address is linked to more than 1 person, then the user will see this prompt:  “Your email address is used by more than one person in the database.  This system requires a unique email address that is used only by you because it will become your username for login purposes.   Please contact the church office to request a user account.  If you believe you have another unique email address in our system you are welcome to try it.“

  8. If there is no match, then go to Step 2

Step 2 – Enter Security Code

  1. Enter the security code that was emailed to you. Important: This code is only valid for 15 minutes.

  2. If the code is correct, go to Step 3

  3. If not, a prompt will appear that says:  “You have entered an invalid code.  Please try again.”

Step 3 – Confirm/Enter New Contact Info and Password

  1. This screen will be displayed allowing you to enter/confirm existing info and set your password.

  2. ALL of these fields are required.  You will not be allowed to continue until all fields are completed.

  3. After you click the Setup Account button, your user account will be setup with a security Role of “Portal & Mobile (limited access)”   This role grants access to everything in Portal except for the Church Directory and the ability to email members.  There is a user role called “Portal & Mobile” that grants access to the Church Directory and email ability.   These two roles are protected by Harderwyk administrative staff.  A church administrator should make a determination whether you should be granted access to the Church Directory and if so the user’s role should be changed.

  4. At this point you will be logged in to My Harderwyk where they can edit your full profile, update your individual photo, family photo for the church directory, view and communicate with your ministry groups and teams, view the calendar and register for events, view your financial giving records and even make a financial donation from this screen.