Sunday: March 31

The following classes will be offered for the kids

Watershed: Nursery through 2nd grade

Fusion: Nursery through 5th grade

Celebration: Nursery through 5th grade

[Infants-2 years old]

Our nursery is open throughout our Sunday morning worship services.  It provides a safe, welcoming environment for infants and toddlers.

The nursery operates two locations; one in the Red Brick Building, for families attending Celebration or Fusion, the other in the Anchor for families attending Watershed.  Both locations utilize computerized security procedures including a check-in/check-out system, and pagers.

Celebration Nursery Coordinator: Carrie Steenwyk

Fusion Nursery Coordinator:
April Kiekintveld

Watershed Nursery Coordinator:
Samantha Baumann

3 years through 5th Grade

We have special classes for kids ages 3 (and potty trained) through fifth grade during the worship service.  Kids can start the service with their families, but they will be excused just before the sermon to have an age appropriate lesson on the same things as the big people!  In each class, we will have an activity related to the story, read the Bible story, make a craft, and pray together.  Kids will bring home their craft and a paper that helps them remember what we did and has suggestions for family devotions for the week so that we can continue learning together throughout the week.

Parents are welcome to attend Sunday School with their child(ren) if they want to know more about the program or their children would feel more comfortable with them attending.

Fusion Children's Ministry      Coordinator:  April Kiekintveld

Celebration Children's Ministry Coordinator: Carrie Steenwyk

Watershed Children's Ministry Coordinator:Lori Baumann