Harderwyk Council

May Update:  

Council met this past Monday evening with a very full agenda. The meeting began with a time of prayer led by the Prayer Team. Luke and Stephanie Joyce provided an update on their upcoming ministry to Honduras.


The pastors provided a brief update on their various ministries. Pastor Darwin Glassford provided a year-end report and time was spent visioning for the future of Harderwyk Ministries. This was the last official meeting for retiring Council members Doug DeKock, Andrew Gorter, Jon Marcus and Jill Perkins. Council would like to thank everyone for their participation in the voting affirmation process last week. The proposed Council Slate was passed with over 99% in favor. Please keep Brian Stauffer, Kyle Dannenberg, Zac Tamminga, and Katy Kloosterman and the whole of the Harderwyk Council in your prayers as these new members come on board in June.


Rhonda Faber

Brian Stauffer
Vice Chair

Kyle Dannenberg

Dave DeMaagd

Chris Steenwyk
Celebration Elder

Zac Tamminga
Fusion Elder

Kreg Sills
Watershed Elder

Joe Baillargeon
Youth Elder

Curt Bielby
Shepherding Elder



 Katy Kloosterman

Deacon of Social Justice

Tiffany Brieve
Deacon of Benevolence